St. Winwaloe is the parish church of Poundstock, situated in a secluded dell by a small stream. Alongside stands its ancient Gildhouse, now a Grade 1 listed building, the best preserved example in Cornwall of a late medieval church house which has been in continuous use since it was built.

Education: The Gildhouse, Poundstock.

The Experience Day will include 5 activities. After an initial introduction in the morning, the children will be divided into 3 groups (please arrange these in advance, each with a responsible adult) and will try their hand at each of baking, brewing, and making cob. In the afternoon they will be divided into 2 groups to dance and play Tudor games.
Children will be provided with full costumes that they will wear during the day, one for the morning activities and a different one for the afternoon.

Please feel free to take photographs. The whole group will get together at the end to share their experiences.

Activity 1 Baking

Using original ingredients, measuring containers and implements, the children will make a flat bread, similar to the trencher that was used as a plate during feasts (one for each child).

Activity 2 Brewing

Small beer/ale was often the normal household drink, a safer alternative to spring/well water. The Tudors drank stronger ale for a multitude of celebrations – weddings, feasts, Church celebrations, etc.

The children will make a non-alcoholic ginger beer based on an original recipe (approx. 2 litres per group). This will take another 48 hours to ferment back at school before being able to be drunk!

Activity 3 Cob-making

The walls of the Gildhouse are made of cob.

The children will use 16th century techniques and original materials to make cob. Each group will make a cob brick of which one will go back to school to use as they wish.

Activity 4 Music and Dance

The children will be taught about courtly manners and will learn some simple court and country dances. Other dances (music and steps) may be included if there is time. A CD of the music is available

They will also be shown and hear period musical instruments.

Activity 5 Tudor games

There is also a range of Tudor games and pastimes to try.

The Tudor Days at Poundstock Gildhouse not only offer a special day for schools but can also provide an opportunity for groups of adults and families to step back in time and become Tudors for a day. (Minimum group of ??) We can provide light lunches and information about day to day life in Tudor times for rich and poor alike.
If you are interested in our Tudor Days please contact Penny Hazeldine on 01288 682193
or email

A booking form will be sent to you as soon as a date is confirmed and should be returned to our treasurer with a £5 deposit.